Priority Coaching offers a portfolio of programs that appeal to a broad spectrum of leaders and teams. Our workshops can be presented to functional teams as well as to leaders in different departments.

We custom design these educational opportunities to meet the needs of our clients and all programs encourage the active participation of class members. In addition to formal workshops, we conduct company off-sites and executive retreats. Below is our current list of programs.

Leading During A Crisis

We are living in a time of multiple crises. What makes our current experience
so challenging is the current crises have no definitive end in sight and all of us
are affected. We seem to be only half-way through an ultramarathon.

With these challenges in mind, Priority Coaching offers Leading During a Crisis
and Beyond to our clients. This program for all managers will focus on exploring
the essential skills and strategies leaders can employ now to understand their
employees better and to bring their teams together to move through changes and
transitions that are difficult. The program is very practical and interactive. It is
presented virtually and in-person.

Among the topics to be discussed are:
-How Are You Doing? Put Your Oxygen Mask On First
-Predictable Stages of Crises and Change and Where We Are Now
-Essential Work for Moving Through Change
-Creating Community and Connection
-Seven Critical Leadership Skills to Use Now

Contact Sharon Dougherty to discuss customizing a program for your

Behavior Styles

How to Understand Your Style and the Styles of Your Colleagues and Customers

This is our most popular workshop for teams and departments. Using a Behavior Style Assessment as a foundation, this program teaches the four primary behavior styles that people use in the workplace. Having the opportunity to understand one’s own style and the styles of colleagues helps participants perceive the impact of their styles on others and how to work best with people whose styles are different than their own. This powerful knowledge can be utilized in working with colleagues, customers, and potential clients.

Executive Presence

Making Executive Presence Work for You

How do you enter a room? Conduct yourself at a meeting? Hold the attention of an audience? Convey leadership and authority? Has someone told you that you need to enhance your executive presence?

This program provides leaders with valuable information to help them become experts in executive presence. We share the latest research in this area and explore the key ingredients for executive presence. We respond to common questions about how to command a room, how to manage oneself during meetings—in-person and on the phone, how to enhance one’s personal image, and how to develop one’s message. The number of participants is limited so that each participant can receive individual feedback about how they show up.

Managing Challenging Conversations

We all have conversations we are putting off because we fear the reaction of the other person, whether he/she is a boss, peer, direct report, or customer. We are also worried that we won’t be able to manage the conversation if it derails. This workshop provides a model for understanding high stakes conversations, formats for preparing for challenging conversations including setting reasonable goals for such discussions, and strategies for managing potential obstacles during the conversations.

Team Renewal

Re-Engaging, Re-Focusing, Re-Purposing

This program is for teams who wish to become more aligned and more skilled in working with one another and as a group. The foundation for this program is the Cycle of Renewal Model that identifies which phase the team is in and where they need to be, along with specific skills to manage change and maintain success. All leaders and teams can use this information throughout their careers.

Executive Retreats and Off-sites

On a regular basis senior teams need time away from their busy schedules and ever-present devices to focus on critical topics. They may choose to work on obstacles impeding their progress or they may look to their imagined future and what they need to do to get there. We customize executive retreats to meet the specific needs of our clients and to achieve the results they require. Careful planning sessions as well as pre-interviews with participants are part of the lead-up to every program.


OCTOBER 2021 – Impostor Syndrome: Is It Real? Rippling (Virtual)

OCTOBER 2021 – Managing Impostor Syndrome, Healthcare Businesswomen
European Chapter (Virtual)

SEPTEMBER 2021 – Managing During COVID, Spire Global (Virtual)

JANUARY 2020 - Leadership Skills for New Managers in Start-ups, NYC, NY

NOVEMBER 2019 - Banish Impostor Syndrome, HBA Annual Conference, San Diego, California

APRIL 2018 - Workshop designer and facilitator for RRE Ventures "Rising Leaders" Program.

FEBRUARY 2018 - Facilitator and Executive Coach, Kick-off Meeting for “Go For the Gold” Coaching Project for five leaders at global corporation.

JANUARY 2018 - Workshop Facilitator, As I See Myself Behavior Styles training at The Sill in NYC.

NOVEMBER 2017 - Speaker, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Annual Conference. I designed and co-presented two sold-out workshops titled “Professional Presence for Introverts.” These were the first workshops in the conference history specifically offered for introverts.

NOVEMBER 2017 - For the bi-annual Novo Nordisk WINN (Women in Novo Nordisk) Conference, I designed three workshops and trained senior leaders to facilitate the programs across the country. The workshops included: Hacking Your Future—Using Design Thinking to Plan Your Future; The Goldilocks Syndrome: How to Speak Up “Just Right,” and The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback Gracefully. 500 men and women attended.




This practical program helps participants become experts in executive presence and learn the skills necessary to show up with intention, maturity, and authority. Leaders who demonstrate these essential qualities are the most powerful people in the room.



“It was one of the best workshops I have ever taken.”
— 2018 HBA Annual Conference Attendee, Professional Presence for Introverts.

“Thank you so much for the great workshop. I am already using the tips and strategies you shared with us.”
— Leader, RRE Ventures Rising Leaders Program