Joanne Golankiewicz
Vice-President, Commercial Effectiveness
Novo Nordisk

"Sharon is an outstanding executive coach, facilitator, teacher, and true partner. Sharon does not hesitate to give you candid feedback and provides incredible insight. I have been working with Sharon for about 5 years and I can truly say that with every conversation I walk away being more self-aware. I continue to grow as a leader and appreciate all she taught me along the way! More importantly she connects with me as a person and sees the whole me and helps me bring my “best self” to the situation without compromising my own personal values!”

Jennifer Hollander
Director of Nursing
Princeton HealthCare System

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sharon Dougherty and Priority Coaching for the past ten years during my leadership career at the University Medical Center of Princeton. During our work together, we spent time on personal coaching, team building, leadership, and difficult conversations. Sharon has not only been a pleasure to work with, but she has been able to give me the tools I need to improve my skills and lead my team. On many occasions, we have brought Priority Coaching on board for large team building exercises to help our group work through change. Priority Coaching put on productive and engaging days, and stayed on board with us afterward to give advice and follow-up to ensure they were delivering on our needs. I would absolutely recommend Priority Coaching for executive coaching and team programs–and I will be using them again.”

Claire Komorowski
Vice President of Operations
Felix/Home Advisor

“Sharon was introduced to me at a time when I had recently taken on the oversight of another division within our organization. I found myself juggling the majority of the organization and needed to reset. Sharon helped me gain a better understanding of my preferences and strengths. Through coaching she helped me re-evaluate my role within the organization to determine how I could best be utilized. Sharon has enabled me to lead my team by taking the time to develop those around me. This continuous development of our leaders is not only scalable and sustainable, but a tool that elevates the organization and all it’s moving parts.”

Adam Liebman
Vice President of Sales

“Working with Sharon was one of the best things ever to happen to me in my professional career. When we started working together, I needed help to adjust to an executive role. As a young person with lots of new responsibilities, I often tried to move too fast, inhibiting the creative process and affecting my professional relationships. By working with Sharon, not only did I improve in those areas, but continued to develop my other leadership skills as well. I feel lucky to have her as my coach.”

Physician Leader
Major Health Care System

“Thanks, Sharon, for a really great day at the retreat last week. I found it really worthwhile. I really appreciate the segments on identifying Stakeholders and on addressing the big problems with a strategic, not tactical, lens.”

Senior Director
Fortune 100 Company

“After six months of regular coaching sessions with Sharon, I’m not only a believe in coaching as a profession but I consider my time with her to be the catalyst for some of the most impactful changes I’ve made in my life.”

NYC Startup

“Sharon came in and worked with our entire team for a half a day. We ran through a number of exercises (called “As I See Myself”) which helped each team member understand himself or herself better. Once each person had a sense of his/her style, Sharon helped to put that in context around how everyone worked together. The goal of the entire day was to allow everyone on the team to not only understand themselves in a different way and to get a different perspective on how each person functions in the workplace, but also to help everyone think about the most effective ways they can work with others and others can work with them. Take the time to sit down with Sharon. She’ll work to understand your circumstances, challenges and then help to design the best program for your team.”

Team Member
Fortune 100 Company

“From all the personal development courses I’ve attended, this one has been the most useful and beneficial because it shows you skills on how to handle the challenges. It gave us tools to help all of us within the department to deal with one another…This was a very effective class…it brought out people’s feelings and helped us be honest with our comments.”

NYC Startup

“Sharon is incredibly thoughtful, patient, articulate and experienced. She has not only spent time as a coach, but also has worked in corporate environments on the other side long before she began this career. That work experience allows her to speak with knowledge and understanding that others in this field don’t have. She understands the various challenges and pressures that go along with daily life at a growing company. Sharon is extremely responsive, readily available and derives genuine pleasure from working with growing companies.”

NYC Startup

“I am still amazed how much we were able to accomplish at our executive retreat. Sharon had an easy-going manner that invited deep discussion of the issues we absolutely wanted to talk about. At the same time, she asked challenging and clarifying questions, and she kept us on track. We will definitely call upon her again.”