Recent Engagements

We work with CEOs, senior leaders, and teams in corporations, startups, healthcare systems, universities, and non-profit corporations. Here are some examples of recent engagements with our clients.

Executive Coaching

President of channel at major cable television network to explore ways to repair relationship with his boss, to improve peer relationships, and to solicit 360-degree feedback from his direct reports with an eye to becoming a more effective leader.

CEO of software startup to build executive team, develop company culture, prepare for growth, and manage investor relations.

CEO of growth stage global engineering corporation to focus on transitioning from startup mindset to established company.

Senior Vice President of Finance at private equity firm to focus on re-structuring her department to allow her to concentrate on higher-level finance and partner issues.

Vice President of Operations at online retail business experiencing continuous hyper-growth to explore strategies for building bench strength and capacity while launching several new products.

Senior Vice President of Sales at high profile digital company to prepare for anticipated role as CEO of new firm.

Deputy General Counsel of global firm to explore opportunities to practice/utilize higher-level leadership skills in advance of his promotion to General Counsel.

Vice President of Sales at global food services company preparing to lead project in partnership with major transit company.

Vice President of Operations at global automotive company to improve interpersonal effectiveness and his team’s success.

Senior Director at global services firm to reduce angry and intimidating behavior, to understand the impact of such behavior on her colleagues, and to replace negative interactions with effective leadership skills.

Medical Director, Pediatric Emergency Room, at major healthcare system to transition from physician role to physician-leader role.

Leadership Development/Team Programs

Full day meeting with CEO and executive team of rapidly growing global ecommerce startup to reduce team conflict and develop greater alignment around strategic initiatives.

CEO and senior executive team of global software company at executive retreat to re-examine Values, Vision, and Mission for the company.

How to Manage Challenging Conversations half-day workshop for all nurse managers at major healthcare system.

As I See Myself Behavior Styles Program at numerous companies, startups, universities, and hospitals. This program is often paired with a program on Values and Vision.

Half-day Program for CEO and senior executive team of ecommerce company to align on Vision and Values and to come to agreement on “Rules of Engagement:” how they will communicate with each other in meetings in order to be more productive.

Full-day retreat for all staff members of the Pediatric Emergency Room of a major healthcare system.