Organizational Consulting

Organizations are most powerful when people are working at their best, when they have what they need to be successful, and when they are aligned with the vision and strategy.

Teams and organizations call upon our firm when faced with challenges that interfere with collaboration, alignment, and success. Our consulting involves understanding the objectives of the client, uncovering the root causes of the challenges through a variety of assessment tools and interviews, issuing reports of our findings and our recommendations, and partnering with leaders and teams to identify future steps and enhance communication along the way.

Our goals are to meet the needs of our clients, increase effectiveness and communication, develop the skills and knowledge of the leaders and staff involved, and promote measurable change. Our recommendations are specific, detail-oriented, and pragmatic. They are designed to result in real change.

Below are examples of recent engagements:

Because of low employee and patient satisfaction scores and process issues, we were engaged by a major healthcare system to interview staff members in a large Food Service Department, assess current leadership capabilities of managers and assistant managers, and to identify process issues interfering with the provision of quality food and food service. We met with senior level executives, managers, chefs, food service workers, transporters, and representatives of ancillary departments.

A large healthcare system engaged Priority Coaching for an all-day retreat for staff of a nursing unit experiencing continuous change in leadership, responsibilities, and numbers of patients. The purpose of the retreat was to teach change management skills and to help the team work together more effectively during this stressful time. To better understand the current culture and to design a meaningful retreat, we interviewed physicians, nursing administrators, nurse managers, assistant nurse managers, nurse council representatives, and nurses on all three shifts.

A unit of a community hospital had very high patient satisfaction scores but very low employee satisfaction scores. The CEO asked Priority Coaching to explore the reasons for this disparity and to make recommendations to address the low employee satisfaction scores. We interviewed physicians, ancillary department representatives, more than fifty percent of the employees, and all the managers and assistant managers. We also met with representatives from Human Resources and hospital unions.

Employees and managers are appreciative of the opportunity to talk about their work with our consultants. It is the initial step in engaging people to design a workplace they want to work in and which will achieve the goals of the organization.

Organizational Consulting

"We have engaged Sharon several times when staff on our units were struggling, particularly following a major change in patient profile, operations, or leadership. Most recently, she conducted interviews with all of the physicians, nurses, PAs, techs, housekeepers, and transport staff in our ER and made recommendations for change, several of which we have already implemented."
— Director of Nursing,
Major healthcare system