Making Executive Presence Work For You

What exactly is executive presence?

What are the secrets to confidently holding the attention of an audience?
What is the best way to effectively convey leadership and authority?
What are the skills involved in persuasively influencing others and gaining their buy-in?


Our highly engaging Making Executive Presence Work for You workshop will answer these questions and many others. This practical program helps participants become experts in executive presence and learn the skills necessary to show up with intention, maturity, and authority. Leaders who demonstrate these essential qualities are the most powerful people in the room.

In this program, which is offered in one-day and two-day formats, our expert coaches share the latest research in executive presence and provide a clear roadmap for using powerful presence to advance careers and businesses. We will explore the key ingredients of executive presence and discuss how to command a room, enhance your personal image, and develop your authentic message and brand.

A unique feature of this program is the constructive feedback our coaches and attendees share in real time. During the two-day program, each participant delivers a brief presentation and immediately hears observations from the other participants and coaches. This is an opportunity to learn about strengths and also developmental opportunities. In addition, each leader is given a video of his/her presentation for future review.

An essential part of the program is putting together a very specific Executive Presence Development Plan to focus attention on practicing newly learned skills.

The number of participants is limited so that each person can receive individual feedback about how they show up.

Contact Sharon Dougherty at 973-477-6782 or email for more information about this workshop and fees.


“This workshop was a real eye-opener for me! I now understand how important executive presence is for my career and how my strengthening these skills will help me and also the business.”
— Vice-President, Sales, Global Pharmaceutical Corporation
• • •
“I was very nervous about the feedback process and also about being videoed. It turned out to be one of the best experiences in my career! The evaluations provided by the coaches and other participants were clear and with specific examples. I was able to implement their suggestions immediately.
— Senior Vice-President, Marketing, Global Multimedia Company
• • •
“Sharon Dougherty led the workshop I attended and was an excellent presenter. She is a very engaging speaker and clearly has a wealth of knowledge about executive presence and how to put the concepts into action. Practicing these new skills will really help me stand out in my company.”
— Senior Director, Regional Healthcare System