Executive Coaching

Our coaches are world-class business and people experts. We work smart, in depth, and quickly. We customize every engagement to meet the needs of our clients.

Executive Coaching

We help skilled leaders take their skills to the next level and prepare them for even greater success within the organization. During confidential coaching conversations, we engage senior leaders in examining their strengths, their developmental opportunities, and their goals for the coaching engagement. We then work together to amplify the leaders’ capabilities, refine their management styles, and fortify their overall effectiveness as leaders. Our coaches serve as sounding boards, thought partners, and providers of honest feedback.

Coaching conversations focus on a wide variety of topics including executive presence, decision-making, strategic thinking, developing people, managing up, career planning, people issues, and the myriad leadership quandaries that executives face every day.

Our extensive experience has demonstrated that working with an executive coach enables leaders to make significant personal and professional change. Here are some examples of recent coaching engagements.

Coaching for Change

We are an invaluable resource for those executives who need coaching to improve certain areas of performance. Coaching focuses on behaviors that are counterproductive (e.g., difficulty communicating with colleagues; ineffective supervision; misunderstanding the corporate culture; failure to manage up well) and builds on interpersonal strengths and leadership skills.

Transition Coaching

We help first time leaders and experienced leaders in new positions define their roles, articulate priorities, formulate plans, and establish successful relationships within the organization. Thinking first makes the early days and months in a new leadership position extremely productive.

Harvard Business Review

Despite careful interviewing and checking of references, sometimes leaders may select the wrong executive coach.

In this Harvard Business Review article, Sharon Dougherty offers advice to leaders who are considering switching to a different executive coach.

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This practical program helps participants become experts in executive presence and learn the skills necessary to show up with intention, maturity, and authority. Leaders who demonstrate these essential qualities are the most powerful people in the room.


"Sharon is an outstanding executive coach, facilitator, teacher, and true partner. She does not hesitate to give you candid feedback and provides incredible insight. I've been working with Sharon for about 5 years and I can truly say that with every conversation I walk away being more self-aware.”
— Joanne Golankiewicz, Vice-President, Commercial Effectiveness, Novo Nordisk

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